Linking Education & Research in Neonatal Care


To develop and provide a national network for healthcare professionals working in neonatal care* with a particular interest and focus on education and research. The integral link between education and research is central to the aim of the group.

To promote membership/awareness of the Neonatal Nurses Association, its work and to work together with them to raise the profile of neonatal care addressing common and recent issues that arise nationally.


To provide a forum for……

• Discussing current and common issues on neonatal education and research
• Sharing ideas, innovations and projects in order to learn from each other
• Sharing expertise and support for anyone undertaking education or research projects in neonatal care
• Fostering and supporting multi-centre interdisciplinary collaboration in neonatal education and research
• Raising the profile of neonatal education and research nationally

(*may include nurses, midwives, medics, speech and language therapists, dieticians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, nursery nurses, play specialists, HCAs and any other member of the multi-disciplinary neonatal team)


• To meet twice a year – venues across UK to be varied.
• To liaise between face-to-face meetings via email communication.
• To feedback meeting discussions and minutes to the Neonatal Nurses Association (NNA) Executive and the NNA website.
• To disseminate topical, current issues and discussion points
• To raise the profile by presence / representation at relevant conferences and meetings
• To develop a link via the NNA webpage as a means of dissemination and further networking.


Katie Gallagher is the Chair for the group and will disseminate agendas, minutes, documents for comments and arrange meeting dates and venues/links.


The group does not receive any funding and members should discuss and agree support for meeting attendance with their own place of work.


• Neonatal Nursing – Knowledge to support learning in practice | CLICK HERE

• Knowledge for Neonatal Nursing Practice- A self-directed learning tool | CLICK HERE

• Storytelling in the Neonatal unit- a storytelling resource to prepare student nurses for their neonatal placement | CLICK HERE

• Storytelling in the Neonatal Unit: Learning from parent stories | CLICK HERE

• Bedside Guide for Neonatal Care- Learning Tools to support practice | CLICK HERE

• Benefits of skin to skin | CLICK HERE


The group is open to NNA members with a professional or academic interest in neonatal education and/ or research. Should you have any further queries you are welcome to fill in the form below.